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winning of coal are going to play an important role in future coal production In India coal seams of 4 8m thickness or higher are called thick Nearly 60% of the total coal reserves that are workable by underground mining methods in the country are thick coal seams To fulfil the increasing demand of coal most of these thick coal seams have been Get Price

iron ore thin seams

The present invention relates to a combination of open cast strip mining and auger mining of thin seams of hydrocarbonaceous deposits In this mining method a first working pit is stripped to expose the deposit the hydrocarbonaceous material extracted and the exposed deposit seam face of at least one highwall is auger mined Get Price

Coal mining

Coal mining - Coal mining - Choosing a mining method The various methods of mining a coal seam can be classified under two headings surface mining and underground mining Surface and underground coal mining are broad activities that incorporate numerous variations in equipment and methods and the choice of which method to use in extracting a coal seam depends on many technological economic Get Price

Practice and Prospect of Fully Mechanised Mining

manless working faces can be successfully realised in thin coal seam mining INTRODUCTION Thin coal seams traditionally identified as less than 1 3 m of thickness are rich in resources and widely ranging in China The mineable reserve is 6 150 Mt of thin coal accounting for 20 4% of Get Price

Salem Tool Inc

The Salem 1500-B coal auger is a smaller easily transportable coal auger The Salem 1500-B can handle augers 16″-30″ in diameter The machine is designed to fit well with haulback systems and can work highwall lengths of just a few hundred feet Only the skids and pan conveyor need to Get Price


In the Republic of South African most of the thin seam coal mining was done in Kwa-Zulu Natal The accident rate in the thicker seam levels is lower than in the thin seam levels except where the No 5 (not a thin seam) seam has been worked in the old Transvaal province (now Mpumalanga) Get Price

Research on vibration and deflection for drilling tools of

Coal augers [1-3] is a new type of mining equipment used in thin coal seam realizing coal mining in working surface without one and support which has a promising prospect of application and whose overall structure and drilling field are respectively shown in Fig 1 and Fig 2 Get Price


thin seams Two conceptual mining systems namely Auger mining and Self Advancing Miner have been proposed for this purpose Both these systems are designed to remotely mine coal from the seams Several attempts were made in the past to mine coal in a similar fashion but were not very successful due to several problems inherent to thin seams The lack Get Price

Study on design of operating mechanism of auger mining

It is pointed out that the auger mining machine had great advantage in strip mine slop coal and underground thin coal seam and extremely thin coal seam [1-5] The hydraulic system the drill stem the aiguille and the transmission part were studied by scholars at home Get Price

Coal Augering Services

Stand-alone auger mining capability A key strength of our augers is their operational flexibility which makes them very attractive to customers as they cause minimal disruption to existing operations on-site The AM 1500 coal recovery auger has a maximum cutting head diameter of 1 83m in-seam penetration depth of up to 200m Get Price

Auger mining

Auger mining Auger mining method for recovering coal by boring into a coal seam at the base of strata exposed by excavation Normally one of the lowest-cost techniques of mining it is limited to horizontal or slightly pitched seams that have been exposed by geologic erosion Augering is usually associated with contour strip-mining Get Price

A new underground auger mining system

Coal augers have developed incrementally over the last 40 years with auger technology development hitting a plateau in the 1970s and 1980s see Figure 1 In 1985 the best available surface coal auger had a diesel motor able to produce around 425hp and was only able to penetrate to a maximum hole depth of 50 m and typically produced 450 tonnes per Get Price

The present situation and future development of the world

There have rich thin coal seam reserves in the world but only a small portion be extracted With the decrease of the medium thick and thick coal seams reserves thin coal seam mining has become a development trend This paper introduces the present situation of world thin coal seam mining The main mining technologies of thin coal seams are shearer mining method、auger mining method and plough Get Price

An innovative approach to thin coal seam mining of complex

The No 16upper and No 17 coal seams in Yanzhou mining area China are both thin The thickness of No 16upper coal seam varies from 0 60 to 1 60 m while the No 17 coal seam from 0 50 to 1 39 m They are both of complex geological conditions widely containing the hard iron sulphide concretion parting but they are both minable overall Get Price

Auger Highwall Surface Mining

The coal is removed by the advancing auger through a screw-like action Mining augers may come in single double or triple head machines Augers are generally limited to advancing and removing coal to a depth of 200 feet into the coal seam Augers typically have a recovery rate of 33 percent of a Get Price

Longwall mining of thin seams (Conference)

Thin seam operations pose a challenge to the ingenuity of mining engineers to overcome the factor of human inconvenience in the restricted environment and associated high cost production Surprisingly low seam longwalls in the Federal Republic of Germany in an average thickness of 35 in and dipping less than 18/sup 0/ come close to achieving the average production rate of all German longwall operations Get Price

Surface auger mining at Rietspruit Mine Services (Pty) Ltd

Approximately 500 000 run-of-mine tonnes on the number 2 and 4 seam has been mined utilizing an auger mining method Geology The Rietspruit lease area is presently towards the centre and the southern boundary of the Witbank Coalfield which is part of the main Karoo basin Get Price

Present status and development tendency of mining

Development and Practice of Thin Coal-seam Mining Technology in Kailuan Mining Area[J] Coal Mining Technology 2009-02 6 WANG Yong-xiang(Dispatching Office Qitaihe Mining Industry Cleaned Coal Group Comp Qitaihe 154600 China) Thin Coal Seam Mining and Plough's Application in Our Country[J] Coal Technology 2008-07 7 Get Price

Mining Coal By Auger

Underground coal mining and surface mining of other minerals depend on highquality augersince the mid 1950s augers have been an integral aspect of both underground and surface miningt falcon industries we take great pride in providing custom built augers that the mining industry requires to complete its operations efficiently and safely Get Price


Dec 14 2010Auger mining uses large-diameter drills mounted on mobile equipment to bore into a coal seam Holes are horizontally drilled at regular intervals to depths of as much as 1 000 feet As the cutting head of the auger bites into the coalface the cut coal is carried out by the screw portion of the bit Get Price

Coal Auger Machines

FEASIBILITY OF AN INTEGRATED THIN SEAM COAL MINING AND The lack of effective steering techniques accurate coal/rock interface and pillar thickness detection techniques were the main The general concept of the cutting machine is based on the use of three auger type cutting heads with the Get Price


A conveyor cart for a mining machine is made from readily available components including conventional golf cart components and has a maximum height of 20 inches or less (e g about 18 inches) so that it can be effectively utilized with a continuous miner for mining ultra thin coal seams A chassis has side rails with front and rear ends and cross pieces extending between the side rails Get Price

Longwall Plow System Helps Set New Low

A coal mine located in southern West ia (USA) recently set another world record for daily low-seam coal production using a automated longwall plow system In a 24-hour period on April 10 and 11 2014 the Pinnacle Mine longwall produced 35 724 tons (32 411 tonnes) from the ia Pocahontas No 3 Seam in a seam height of just 56 Get Price

Selection of an Appropriate Mechanized Mining Technical

The reserves of thin coal seam (less than 1 3 m in thickness) are enormous in China Among 95 national key coal enterprises a total of more than 750 thin coal seams exist in 445 coal mines The recoverable reserves of thin seam are about 6 5 billion tons accounting for 19% of Get Price

Research on vibration and deflection for drilling tools of

Coal augers is a new type of mining equipment used in thin coal seam and directional drilling performance of its drilling tools becomes the key issue in the equipment service life and drilling efficiency The drilling test bench of a three-bit coal auger is constructed to study vibration and deflection performance of its drilling tools in this paper Get Price

Intermediate coal pillar instability and permeability

Auger mining (AM) is adopted to protective seam thinner than 1 0 m The key of AM is to set intermediate coal pillar (ICP) because they have two functions on the one hand ICPs have to support the roof temporarily to avoid coal auger crushing on the other hand they have to be broken subsequently to release the pressure of protected layer above Get Price

Research of Fully Mechanized Mining Technology of Ultra

Moreover the input-output ratio is high with low efficiency poor economic efficiency so lots of areas gave up of ultra thin coal seam mining that development of the fully mechanized ultra thin coal seam mining is slow Ultra coal seam mining method (1) Blasting mining blasting down coal Get Price

Fully mechanized coal mining technology for thin coal seam

The extraction of thin coal seams will liberate the hold-up coal reserves increase recovery rate of coal resource and extend the mine lives With the implementation of the fully mechanized thin coal seam mining technology in highly gassy mines it can speed up the mining of methane releasing coal seams achieve a balanced extraction of thick and thin seams and ultimately reach the goal of safe mining Get Price

Glossary of Mining Terms

Abutment - In coal mining (1) the weight of the rocks above a narrow roadway is transferred to the solid coal along the sides which act as abutments of the arch of strata spanning the roadway and (2) the weight of the rocks over a longwall face is transferred to the front abutment that is the solid coal ahead of the face and the back abutment Get Price


Dorstfontein Coal Mine has some 7 0S mil tons of bituminous coal in a thin seam resource with heights varying from 1 2 to 1 4 m The geological setting of this colliery makes it is a more difficult mine to operate and result in many mining problems Some mining related problems in the past four years were due to Get Price